Cheese-y Excitement at Grocerie!

We’re excited over here at Grocerie.


cheese glorious cheese!

Cheese, obviously.

Oh, and salami. Amazing salami, that is.

Olympic Provisions salamis, straight out of Portland but made with old-world European charm!

Oh, and there’s…well, there’s pretty much everything else that’s in the store!

If you’ve ever stopped in to pay us a visit, you know that the store is a tiny biscuit box of a boutique. So that’s why we spend hours scouring the food world searching out the most delicious and exciting products; we simply don’t have the space to waste on anything that’s less than amazing!

We want to make sure that when you step into our little world you become inspired.

Inspired to cook, to eat, and to ponder that glorious necessity of life that is food.

This week, why don’t you let us help you? Come by to taste the delicious new cheeses we’ve just received! What’s more, we can even prepare an amazing fresh gift box surprise for the foodie in your life. (Oh, that’s you?  We can do it for you, too!)

Abbaye de Belloc in all her natural-rind beauty
Abbaye de Belloc in all her natural-rind beauty

There’s Abbaye de Belloc, a semi-soft cheese made in the French Pyrenees with sheep’s milk. Not only do the sheep graze the herbaceous mountains all summer before coming in for the milking season in December, but the cheeses are also aged with a natural rind so that the magic mountain air continues to infuse itself with the cheese throughout the four-to-ten month process. The recipe was developed by Benedictine monks and is followed to this day. Amen!

when veins are beautiful...
when veins are beautiful...

Next up we have Asher Blue, a meaty and salty-sweet number from the smiling southern state of Georgia! The free range, happy cows from which this raw cheese is produced live on a sustainable and family-owned farm. If that isn’t enough, this cheese is just plain wonderful. It’s meaty, creamy, and assertive,  yet ends mildly enough to keep you coming back for more. Try it with a drizzle of local honey atop a whole grain cracker!

this Manchego won't be lonely for long!
this Manchego won't be lonely for long!

Finally, we have the classic Manchego, but with a twist: this one is aged for 12 months from raw sheep’s milk. The unpasteurized product ensures that its producers cared about making this manchego stand out from the rest. Along with that butterscotch hint that you’re used to, expect a bit more punch and spice from this one.  Try it with some California dates and some of our Olympic provisions finocchiona salami!

If mild and creamy is more your style, try some house-marinated goat cheese, Australian feta, or a triple-cream brie. And feel free to try them all at once :)


As always, if you’re looking for a full meal between eating all that cheese, pick up a delicious lunch or dinner from our fresh or frozen section, or grab a picnic bag if you’re on-the-go.

See you soon!

cheese, glorious cheese!
cheese, glorious cheese!