Coriz Family Thanksgiving

As some of you know, my family is native American but I’m a Kiwi from Australia! In an effort to reach across the great cultural canvas that is our family we do celebrate with a traditional family meal . This year I am going to attempt to reach into the heritage of the New Mexicoregion ( location of the pueblo homes of the Santa Domingo people) and try doing some different side dishes with my roasted turkey – which given the restraints of my somewhat picky children, I do have to keep a little less flashy!I am going to start with mini Navajo fry bread appetizers, topped with a corn and lime salsa, which will look too tempting for them to say no!

Then for the sides : new mexico red beans, grilled blue corn and cactus salad, and dry-baked yams. Maybe I’ll even mix up our traditional New Zealand style turkey by making a green mole sauce for it and a nice poblanochillibased rub !

For dessert I have been musing over a few options, but haven’t decided yet due to all the busy-ness at foodink’s kitchen but I was thinking of using a corn custard as a base, or going the flan route… maybe a sweet corn tart topped with a pine nut crumble?I’ll let you know & post up some recipes once we get through the madness of our Gourmet2Go pick up day! You can see the photo of me looking at the Thanksgiving orders on our “menu wall”, as well as some of my kids Jai & Jazzy, helping me out with some holiday baking.

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  1. carol

    Awesome, sister.