feastivities for the fourth!

fourth festivities at grocerie by foodink!

we’re just passing the halfway mark for the year & that means fireworks & the fourth are soon!  even though grocerie is now running at full tilt, we’re all planning get-togethers with friends & families on wednesday, which is shaping up to be an amazing day of LA weather so far! don’t forget to keep your pets indoors – perhaps even tuck them up in their favorite dog bed or crate, as the noise of the fireworks can be so alarming to them.

the organic vegetable bed is starting to get leafy and taller than my husband! our tomato plants are really starting to take off and it occurred to me this morning as I picked bushels of sweet 100 cherry tomatoes  that I am successful with figs, tomatoes and arugula!  I have the makings of one of my favorite salad combos, but lack the goat cheese.  I may read up on rearing goats & making cheese over the holiday weekend….

in other garden news, the legendary foodink fig tree is just about bursting – but with not ready to eat green figs at the moment.  our tree is a “brown turkey”  variety, which means it gets about two growths in season.  we’ve opened up the competition on our Facebook page to guess which date the first fig is picked – winner will receive a complimentary fig & pomegranate lemonade in a eco-friendly french re-sealable bottle.  First re-fill will also be on us!  fan us on Facebook to see the details – and put your best guess forward!  later on we’ll blog some of our team’s favorite fig recipes for you to try.

on the fourth itself, as I toast the lit up skies,  i’ll be thinking about how incredible it is that each person who lives in this amazing and complex country can be whatever their dreams allow.  not many places give you that, and as a newly minted citizen, I appreciate everything that this holiday is celebrating!  have a fun & safe fourth -

kate & the foodink + grocerie team