Fig Fest 2014 (and your chance to win!)

We’ve all seen them.

unripe figs

Peeking through a fence on the walk home.

Winking from the brush as you traipse around the LA mountains.

Even—if you’re lucky—in your very own backyard.

basket of fresh figs

The figs.

They’re coming.

They’re green and firm and only flirting with us at this point, but if we want to beat the birds to that beautiful moment when they become fat and luscious with nature’s own homemade jam, we must be vigilant!

We here at grocerie are counting the days as we keep an eye on our own legendary foodink fig tree, and you should be too.


Because if you can guess the date that it blesses us with the first pickable fig, you’ll be the winner of  a fig-laden treat tray with cheese, sweets & fig jam made by the amazing chefs at foodink!

Find us on Facebook and click the “like” button, then place your bet for the most delicious fig experience you’ll have ever tasted.


And worry not, because even if you don’t win, you can still celebrate FigFest with us. Last year we scored over 100 pounds of figs, and the creations out of our kitchen were nothing short of magical.  

Expect nothing less this time around.

best fig jam

Come in for your own taste of fig shortbread cake; fig chutney; fig-barbecue sauce (great on our sausage rolls!); fig, tomato, & burata salads; and figgy pudding.  

And that’s just some of the fig mania we are planning through September!