Friday Turkey Ideas!

You’ve slept well, gotten up & braved the Black Friday Crowds…and are now back home, starving & ready to chow down on the left overs! If you didn’t order from us this year (and thus didn’t get our Turkey Leftover Postcard tucked into your order), here’s some ideas we have brainstormed for you – from breakfast through to the end of the day! All super easy, no real recipes needed – just follow the concepts & enjoy it either way!

black friday ideas for your turkey!

Turkey Chiliaquiles (breakfast!) – dice up turkey, slice up tortillas into strips, add onion & peppers, then scramble a couple of eggs over the top – garnish with cilantro & salsa!

Stuffing Hash – fry off the stuffing in a little olive oil or butter, add herbs & shred turkey bits; top with a poached egg & chives.

Breakfast Cranberry Pastries : put some cranberry sauce in the middle of a 3″ puff pastry square; fold edges over (rustic works) to meet each corner in the middle. Brush with egg wash & sprinkle with turbinado sugar, bake in 400 oven centre rack.

Next day turkey sandwiches : lay slices of turkey, smidge of gravy, some cheese on bread, toast in the oven

Turkey roti wraps : mix some curry paste with plain yoghurt & lime zest, add in turkey, spread on a tortilla or roti wrap & add lettuce, roll up!

turkey bahn mi on a crisp baguette : Vietnamese turkey sandwich with a chili-lime dressing

Turkey pot pies topped with puff pastry – use the gravy to keep it moist

Shepherds pie topped with two potato topping : similar to the pot pie, but use your left over mash & sweet potato to top off!

Turkey paella : add in your diced vegetables to cooked rice, season with a dash of stock or wine

Asian turkey noodle soup : start with a ginger & herb base, dice in your turkey & veg; add stock to volumise

Crisp potato pancakes – mix mash potatoes with egg & breadcrumbs, seasonings & perhaps some cheese! Griddle like a pancake, top with turkey & gravy

Cranberry sorbet put leftover cranberry jelly in a food processer, add in a little wine or champagne, process until smoother & less jelly like: freeze in plastic