Thanksgiving Prep!

All is happening here at foodink – the chef team has been in since before the coffee was brewed, sorting through a mound of fresh produce from our suppliers, WorldWide Produce, Harvey Guss meats & Chefs Warehouse. Thanks to our fabulous customer service reps, who have responded to last minute requests, additions & changes with good humour (Teri, Harvey & Janice). For the last few days we’ve been underneath boxes on top of boxes, and we only just made space post our holiday cookie project! Attached are some of the great shots from the week of cookies to the beginning of our prep for next Thursday. We’re opening the store front on Tuesday for those who want to stop in for last minute Thanksgiving things – extra stuffing, deep dish apple pies with calvados sauce, meyer lemon tartletts, chocolate pecan pies (even vegan versions!) plus some wonderful fall squash soup & faro salad. We hope to see you!



  1. Susie

    You have given new meaning to "fast food"! Does foodink have a twitter account to keep people up to date how many apple pies are left? kinda like the parking structure sign "parking spots remaining 25, apple pies remaining 0."

  2. foodink catering

    We have do have twitter – I love the idea! We'll think about doing that for the December G2G!