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we are run by the seasons!  Everyone at foodink has their own small plot or pot of greens, herbs, fruit & vegetables, and tending to them keeps us in tune with what is gracing & what is leaving our menu planning. We frequently bring this bounty in to finish the gourmet dishes &  sauces we are serving. We supplement our food ideas with trips to the farmer’s markets to touch, taste & feel the season’s best produce. Foodink has also created stylish “locavore” & organic meals & appetizers based on the 100 mile diet concept.  Click the menus below to download the freshest menus!
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locavore appetizer menu


locavore dinner menu

Perhaps foodink’s most famous local product is the organic dunsmuir fig jam which finds it way into lamb jus, on our artisan cheese trays & even on pizzas! We anticipate the first buds of green on Kate’s tree, and then by mid August they are on their way to perfection.  On average, Kate & the foodink team harvest up to 85 lbs of fruit from her tree from arm reaching alone!  They are always careful to leave fruit for the local birds & wildlife – including the dreaded yellow jackets wasps…

foodink has been an avid supporter of the eco concept in all areas of the event & food worlds from our early touring days.  We source small artisan producers & purveyors, as close to los angeles as possible, to not only lessen our impact & footprint but also to support the local farming & growers’ networks.  One of the first caterers to incorporate the sustainably grown bambu plate & platter concept in place of plastic or paper, we are always looking for the newest ideas in the eco & organic product range to bring to the table. foodink stays up to date on the latest in food politics, and is a member of the slow food movement; a forum created to balance the agriculture & terroir of unique products around the world.  We make sure to carefully monitor current trends in the endangered foods list; please down load the west coast “fish list” from the Monterey bay aquarium.

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